About BAB


What Makes a BAB?

A BadAss Brewery, or “BAB”, goes above and beyond just making good beer.  Rather a BAB excels in multiple elements from architectural design, atmosphere, landscape, food, location merchandise, views, walkability, and of course the quality of beer.  On our website, you will find icons that help facilitate navigation and allow for quick identification of each BAB’s unique qualities.  Based on the culmination of these criteria, our goal is to provide fellow beer lovers a comprehensive understanding of why the breweries you see on this website are classified as a BAB.



As we share our recommendations, we want to celebrate breweries that excel in creating a memorable and captivating space. The absence of a brewery on this website does not imply that they don’t deserve your support. At BadAss Breweries we appreciate all breweries, from large corporate conglomerates to small independent ones. We do not provide negative reviews – but rather we aim to highlight the best of the best that encompasses it all.


We believe that breweries have evolved into gathering places for local communities that welcome families and individuals of all backgrounds. We want to showcase breweries that elevate this belief through thoughtful design and of course a damn good beer! Life is short, so we encourage you to join us on this journey to identify the best BadAss Breweries the world has to offer.



Matt is a licensed architect and self-proclaimed beer enthusiast who lives in San Diego CA – often referred to the “Craft Beer Capitol of America”. While he is not working, he continues his quest to visit each of the 150+ breweries in San Diego County. The concept of BadAss Breweries originated from his personal passion for beer, travel, and his architectural background. All of these elements naturally fostered Matt’s appreciation for not just drinking a good beer but for drinking that beer in a well-designed environment.


Jennifer is also a licensed architect and a self-proclaimed enthusiast of cool spaces & design…either with a pint of beer or a glass of wine in hand.