Oasis Brewing Company, CO

Oasis Brewing Company


Brewery Name: Oasis Brewing Co.
Address: 3257 Lowell Blvd, Denver, CO 80211
Date Visited: March 2023
Location: Urban
Food Options: Pub food & pizza provided by local restaurants


Review: Oasis started in 1991 in Bouler as one of the pioneers of Colorado’s burgeoning craft beer scene. There have been ups and downs for Oasis, and it 2001 they actually shut down production until the rose from the ashes in 2014. Brewery connoisseurs should celebrate this perseverance as Oasis revival in 2014 led the brewery to find a vacant Tudor Revival style church originally built in 1931. While the confluence of beer and church might sound odd to some, the new Oasis brewery takes full advantage of these odd bedfellows and has created 4,000 square feet soaring indoor spaces, beautiful brick walls and a perfect location just steps away from the bustling intersection of 32nd Ave. and Lowell in Denver’s vibrant Highlands Square neighborhood.


From and urbanistic perspective the church has been preserved as a historic landmark and creatively incorporated into a surrounding five-story housing complex. The third story of the church is occupied by a fitness center for the apartment residents with the bottom two floors dedicated to Oasis. A creative planning solution in repurposing and adaptive reuse that can best be viewed with a pint in hand. The brewery contains seven barrels that are on display as part of the architectural design and enhanced with iron, wood and brick along with a second-story mezzanine that looks down onto the main floor of the taproom.


As has always been the tradition at Oasis the beers have Egyptian names and the classics of the early ‘90’s are back in full force with award winning beers like Scarab Red, Tut Brown Ale, and Zoser Stout.

Matt’s Must Try Beer

Tut Brown Ale