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Brewery Name: Belching Beaver Vista
Address: 980 Park Center Dr Suite A, Vista, CA 92081
Date Visited: April 2023
Location: Business Park
Food Options: Kitchen on site


Review Located near multiple other breweries, Belching Beaver Vista is a must visit on your next trip to San Diego’s “North County Hops Highway”. Belching Beaver has turned a non-descript warehouse building into a whimsical atmosphere with creative design touches from fishing pole inspired pendant lights, a living green wall, wood accents, string lights, and bicycle/camping themed displays. A special shout out to the Belching Beaver design team for the creative use of a food truck themed kitchen at the center of the space. The layout is well designed and thoughtful with gracious amounts of seating adjacent to large roll-up garage doors. Exposed fermenting tanks and oak barrels reinforce that you are at a brewery while doubling as three-dimensional design element. Board games are available for varying age groups as well as a pool table.


The exterior space is vibrant, comfortable, and family friendly. Cornhole, string lights, umbrellas, and fire pits create a warm and accessible space for all age groups. A fence and row of hedges ensures that the little ones won’t wonder off while you catch-up with friends and enjoy that hard earned beverage after a long weekend.

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