Avery Brewing Company, CO

Avery Brewing Company


Brewery Name: Avery Brewing Company
Address: 4910 Nautilus Ct. Boulder CO. 80301
Date Visited: July 2023
Location: Rural
Food Options: Restaurant on site


Review: Avery Brewing Company has been a mainstay of the Boulder beer scene since 1993. Located on the outskirts of Boulder, it is admittedly a bit of a haul to get there - but one that is well worth it. At this point in its brewing arc, Avery represents a macro brewery, rather than a microbrewery, and its facility showcases this fact. Large beer silos play an integral role in the building’s architecture and the modern massing and bold use of red, black and white make it stand out in its rural setting. Avery is a large facility but yet still maintains a welcoming atmosphere. The lobby is intimate, yet striking, with a set of stairs that beckons you to circulate to the second floor where you will find a shop with classic merchandise and the hostess table for the restaurant.  Grab a beer while you wait to get seated or grab a growler and the latest Avery t-shirt.


Of special interest is the fact that Avery allows you to enter the large brewing facility via mezzanine bridges populated with overlooks and tables to enjoy your favorite pint while looking down onto the forest of brewing equipment.  Food choices range from veggie tacos to a steak dinner offering a wide variety of choices for any pallet.  During the summer and fall months there is plenty of exterior seating, lounge chairs and heat lamps that create a warm and inviting atmosphere for hipsters and families alike.

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